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We buy scrap metal Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Mixed steel. We accept most local competitors coupons and our own computer coupon. Competitors must have same operational hours as ours (and purchase all crv items 1-7). One Must present this add. Aluminum Cans CRV $1.81 per lb and Pet Plastic CRV $1.33 per lb.
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How to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle - Organic, Paper, Plastic and E-Waste

How to Recycle

If you are new to our facility, here's what you need to know:

  • Depending on quantity, grab a tote, basket, barrel, or net. (Please put glass in a barrel or tote)
  • Remove the caps from your plastic and separate your material.
  • Bring your material up to the scale for purchase
  • Receive Payment
Information about how to recycle.

What to look for when separating your material?

Look for CRV!!!
(Non-CRV materials like milk, juice, hard alcohol, and wine should be placed separately).

What to look for when separating your material?

The four most common types of plastic are:

#1- PET - Water bottles, soda bottles, clear plastic
#2- HDPE - Water jugs (Milk and Juice containers go separately)
#3- HDPE colored - Laundry detergent
#4- Other - Ridged bottle similar to large Arizona Iced Tea container

Any other questions? Please ask!

The four most common types of plastic
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