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Data Destruction

Secure destruction is a crucial stage in the recycling of your end-of-life electronic device. Your devices contain valuable data that if not destroyed correctly compromises the safety of you or your customers. We offer a variety of product destruction services to ensure you are protected regardless of the device you are trying to recycle.

What Is Data Destruction

What Is Data Destruction

It is the process of wiping off data stored in your devices to make them completely unreadable and inaccessible for unauthorized use.

From data destruction software to physical shredders, methods used to destroy data are critical in entirely emptying or overwriting objects that store sensitive information. Finally, we consider data as "destroyed" only when it becomes nonrecoverable.

  • Our destruction methods are in compliance with NIST 800-88 and DOD 5220.22-M
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e-Waste Management

Before disposing of electronic devices, institutions should consider that non-wiped hardware can present a breach of security or safety hazard. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to private information or systems. After data is destroyed or secured, recycling the disposed of electronics becomes a crucial step in responsible technology management.
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Why Is Data Destruction Important

Data destruction is essential for companies because it prevents data from being utilized for illegal purposes. The no-longer-needed data must be disposed of in a suitable manner to reduce your cyber risk. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to capture data and interfere with your systems. So, make sure that your retired or inactive IT database does not pose a risk to your enterprise.

Businesses must first identify data they need to destruct and the kinds of storage media on which it is located, and then determine the total expenses of data destruction.

Moreover, organizations must pay attention to the service provider's compliance with the regulatory authority. Under some circumstances, you can even request a video of complete data destruction as evidence of adherence to compliance requirements.

Why Is Data Destruction Important

Secure Data Destruction Services

IT assets that reach the end of their useful life contain sensitive and confidential information, business secrets, payroll records, account statements, or credit card information. Compromising the security of your data means you're putting your company's reputation at risk.

Bellflower Recycling Center offers safe solutions to exterminate your digital data in your electronics. Our reliable data destruction services guarantee that all your stored materials are destroyed and irretrievable, comply with industry standards, and include Chain of Custody Documentation and Certificates of Data Destruction.

Secure Data Destruction Services
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