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The Important Facts And Benefits Of Recycling

Let Bellflower Recycling Center of Bellflower, CA show you why recycling your metal, glass, and plastic are so important and how it's beneficial not only to the environment, but to you as well.

Accepted recyclables

  • It only takes a moment to put your paper, glass jar, or soda can in the recycling bin.
  • Cardboard tubes can be used to store cords and Christmas lights.
  • Baby food jars can be made into snow globes
  • Reuse paper and plastic bags, as well as plastic storage containers
  • Bottles (glass or plastic) can be made into a lava lamp.
  • There are endless possibilities you can find in books and the internet.

Accepted recyclables

One plastic bottle can remain in a landfill for 100 to 1000 years, while glass can take 4000 years to decompose. When you recycle such materials, you are not only freeing up landfill space, you are also preventing the emissions involved with new manufacturing.
Global warming is no longer viewed as a theory and has sadly now become a fact. You can help ensure a bright (and not hot) future for your children and grandchildren today by starting and joining recycling programs.

Cash for your bottles and scrap metal!

You can bring other recycling center coupons to us and we'll honor them as well. We also have a gift program so save your receipts.
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Get paid to protect the environment
You will get cash for bringing us the following materials, and you won't have to wait long.
  • Glass beverage containers CRV
  • Aluminum Cans CRV
  • Plastic beverage containers CRV