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Bellflower Recycling Center - Social Links and Contact Number
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Call Now: 562-804-7270
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Recycle to Protect the environment

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Bellflower's Premier Recycling Center

Bellflower Recycling Center of Bellflower, CA has been providing fantastic service while serving the area's recycling needs since December of 1992.

What can I recycle?

You can bring in a wide variety of items for recycling and earn money at the same time.


Why should I recycle?

Are you unsure if you should be recycling? Find out more about the benefits of recycling to you and our planet.

Don't Wait

With three scales, tons of baskets, and ample parking you won't be waiting long to get cash for your bottles.

Get paid to protect the environment
You will get cash for bringing us the following materials, and you won't have to wait long.
  • Glass beverage containers CRV
  • Aluminum Cans CRV
  • Plastic beverage containers CRV
This website is in process of becoming ADA compliant

This website is in process of becoming ADA compliant

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