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Compramos desechos de metal Aluminio, Laton, Cobre, Acero Mixto. Aceptamos la mayoria de los cupones de competidores locales y nuestros cupones digitales Vaya a competidores deben tener un horario operativo igual que nosotros (y comprar todos los reciclables CRV 1-7). Entregue Este Anuncio Latas de Aluminio CRV $1.75 por lb, PET Plastico CRV $1.33 por lb
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How to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle - Organic, Paper, Plastic and E-Waste

How to Recycle

If you are new to our facility, here's what you need to know:

  • Depending on quantity, grab a tote, basket, barrel, or net. (Please put glass in a barrel or tote)
  • Remove the caps from your plastic and separate your material.
  • Bring your material up to the scale for purchase
  • Receive Payment
Information about how to recycle.

What to look for when separating your material?

Look for CRV!!!
(Non-CRV materials like milk, juice, hard alcohol, and wine should be placed separately).

What to look for when separating your material?

The four most common types of plastic are:

#1- PET - Water bottles, soda bottles, clear plastic
#2- HDPE - Water jugs (Milk and Juice containers go separately)
#3- HDPE colored - Laundry detergent
#4- Other - Ridged bottle similar to large Arizona Iced Tea container

Any other questions? Please ask!

The four most common types of plastic
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